On the Back Roads to Heaven

This is a road that understands the wisdom
of the desert place, the unexpected shapes

the journey takes when one must have
the courage to be—even if God is silent.

One can move toward home unnoticed on
these roads—lone wolf tracking the fold,

a hungry thing trolling through the darkness
in search of a great light. These are sacred

miles—pilgrim miles, miles that wear sandals
thin—and sometimes the heart. These roads

lead to the place of the soul where light
is more than light, and karma is laced

with grace, following after One who shepherds
all including the birthing place of stars.

Fredrick Zydek

About the poet: Before retiring, Fredrick Zydek taught writing and theology for many years, first at UNO and later at the College of Saint Mary . Now he lives on a small farm with a creek running through it and raises soybeans and corn. He has published eight collections of poetry, and has received the Sarah Foley O'Loughlen Award by the Editors of America. T'Kopechuck: The Buckley Poems , is forthcoming from Winthrop Press. His work has appeared in The Antioch Review, Catholic World, Christianity Today, Literature and Belief, New England Review, Poetry, and others. He is editor of the Lone Willow Press chapbook series.