February 27th, 2024

After a long gap of inattention, we are back and reading your submissions, and we have made one change: since everyone seems to be doing it anyway, we now accept simultaneous submissions--just please let us know right away if you need to withdraw a poem or your submission. We are now reading to finish Volume III of Earthshine, and working on the printing of Volume II. When we accept a poem, it is placed online almost immediately. The hard copy volumes are printed when we have a large enough body of work. Since we are selective, it takes a while to fill a volume. The Volume III hard copy is expected to be complete this year.

We hope you are enjoying the poetry posted here. Comments and suggestions are welcome and can be sent using the email on the submission guidelines page, or through the Earthshine FaceBook Page: Earthshine, the Poetry Journal.

January 27, 2019

We have just added two fine poems by K. Lauren de Boer-"Discernment" and "Entering the Hills in Autumn." We hope you like them.

We are still looking for cover art for both Volume II and Volume III. Please see the submission guidelines, and send a query before sending your art. Thank you!

February 1, 2018

We hope you enjoy our newest additions to Volume III-Don Thompson's "Voices" and William Doreski's "Nuclear Winter Coming." Work from both of these fine poets has appeared before in Earthshine; William Doreski in Volume I, and Don Thompson in both Volume I and Volume II.

We continue to read for Volume III and welcome your submissions. Please check out our submission guidelines by clicking on the tab above.

October 10, 2017

We're pleased to be able to introduce you to our newest poems, and the beginning of Volume III of Earthshine! We hope you enjoy these offerings, from Cassondra Windwalker, Timothy Robbins, Al Rocheleau, Bruce McRae, and Kaija Berleman. All these are new poets, for us, except for Bruce McCrae, who was also featured in Volume II.

October 1, 2017

We're still here. Currently reading for Volume III, and uploading new accepted poems soon. Some of you have been very patient; thank you. We think you will like the newest offerings. Thanks, too, for the continued following on Facebook: Earthshine, the Poetry Journal. We post odds and ends on there periodically.

March 2016

It isn't that we disappeared. Earthshine is still alive and well. We had a rough year, but we are happy to say that we are finally caught up with submissions, and are now closing Volume II, in preparation for printing it. We are now reading submissions for Volume III. As you know, accepted poems get put up on the on-line Earthshine right away, but the printed volume is not created until it is full (enough content to print a volume). Updates and interesting notes are also posted on FaceBook from time to time: Earthshine, the Poetry Journal. Thanks to all of you for your patience and your interest in the journal.

May 2014

Lots of good stuff going on this month. We've added a new poem by poet Don Thompson, and we welcome a new poet, Don Russ to the journal. Our split from our mother site, Ruminations, is complete, and now Earthshine is a stand-alone web site with a new URL, earthshinepoetry.org. Our able webmaster has set things up so old links are redirected both to the new URL and the new email (poetry-at-earthshinepoetry.org), but from now on, these will be the address and email.

We are looking for artwork for Volume II; we will be compiling the print version soon! If you have a photo, painting or drawing that you think would be appropriate for our cover, please send us a query.

April 2014

Keep those submissions coming--we are nearing our goal for Volume II to be printed! Welcome to our newest poet, Peter O'Malley. For additional updates, you can also find us on FaceBook Earthshine Facebook

March 2012

We're very pleased to say that because of a recent review marathon, we have caught up with our submission backlog, and we have added several new poems to Volume II. We are about half-way there--to another filled volume, and the ability to produce it in print. So please keep the submissions coming! We love both the online version and the print. We hope you'll pass Earthshine along, through the ether or by hand, whenever you can. Thanks to those already doing so, and to our wonderful poets for having the faith to send us their excellent work. We welcome new poet Tom McFadden and returning poet John Brantingham to the list of offerings in Volume II. We hope you enjoy their poetry.

In other news, we are delighted to have chosen our cover for the print version of Volume II and will be unveiling it soon.

December 2011

Between the note in recent issues of Poets and Writers, and the newest versions of the Directories, our inbox is full of submissions. Thank you, and please keep them coming! We'd like to get Volume II printed sometime in 2012. We dream of a regular schedule of print publication. Meanwhile, we are very pleased to update the online version of Volume II, with recent contributions from two poets, Doug Bolling and Bruce McCrae.

We think Volume I would make a great holiday gift--it's recycled paper, soy ink and is full of thoughtful poetry. Just click on the "order" tab, above.

As the skies clear in Autumn and Winter, don't forget to look up; there are always a few poems in the thin air of a cold twilight.

July 2011

Welcome to our newest poet, Kristin Camitta Zimet. We got rather behind in our submission reviews this Spring, and are still catching up, but we have not been idle. We've been sending Volume I out to libraries, we've been writing ourselves, and our paying jobs have kept us very busy. We are thrilled to be receiving fine submissions, and our meetings to discuss them are one of the most rewarding things we do. Keep the poems coming! Submissions have picked up, but the more we get, the more likely it is that we can add to Volume II, and get it printed within the year. As you know, we post our accepted poems on this web site, and when we have enough, we print. It took several years before Volume I was full; we are hoping for a speedier printing of Volume II. If you'd like a printed copy of Volume I, please click on the Order tab, above.

It may interest our readers that Sally's poem "Earthshine", the last lines of which spawned the name of this journal, recently appeared in the journal Snowy Egret.

March 2011

First, thank you for your orders and for the many kind comments about the first printed Volume of Earthshine. We are very proud of it, and of the wonderful poetry it contains. We have been filling orders and sending out copies for reviews, and we hope the journal will become more well-known. If you have suggestions for potential reviewers, please drop us a line, and we will send out copies to them. We hope to satisfy the wishes for "many more to come". We believe that the combination of an online journal and a printed version provides something for everyone--the easy accessibility to fine poetry, but the ability to hold it in one's hands, and keep it by the bedside if one so wishes.

Finally, Volume II has begun, as you see. We didn't wait for ten poems, because we had seven just waiting to be read, and we didn't want them to be inside a dark folder any longer. We are pleased to present these fine works as the kick-off of Volume II, and we hope you enjoy them. We look forward to your poetry submissions as we add to the number. Our page banner will stay the same, but we are seeking new cover art for this volume--please read our submission guidelines, and inquire before sending art.